Video Archiving

Ads Vantage offers digital archival solutions as a service platform managing the long-term health & accessibility of content. We will migrate and preserve existing libraries to digital assets for viewing content on demand.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a professional end-user or just a regular joe thinking about doing a video. To the rest it’s just a video but WE KNOW it’s way more than that. It’s our clients’ dreams and aspirations out there on the screen and needs a lot of tender loving care. We love what we’re doing so much that we give free advice anytime and every time.

If you have a room or even a building(!) full of videos and are thinking of having them archived to a cloud that you own with easy access, documentation and classification, we can do it for you.

We can even train your staff to do it. We are here for you and our video consultancy & archiving services are second to none.

Call us. Talk to us.