Post-Production Services

Ads Vantage is proud to work with some of the best post-production professionals in the industry. Our creative directors, editors, artists and animators all eat, sleep and breathe post- production. We are passionate about every project.

We offer a full complement of post-production services including editing, visual effects, sound design, and color correction.

We utilize all the latest software tools - Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Maya, Nuke, After Effects, Cinema 4D.

We are committed to providing the highest-possible quality while providing a fresh approach and a unique vision.

Our post-production services include:
  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Animation
  • Digital Effects
  • Compositing
  • Titles/Motion Graphics
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Mixing
  • Client Review
  • Formatting for various platform such as web, t.v. or mobile