Masjid Omar Salmah Aerial Video

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Aerial Drone Footage of Masjid Omar Salmah Mosque at Jalan Mashhor by Theme Photography

We wanted to showcase our aerial photography production using drones and since we have clients in the Middle East that love green, we decided to do this just so they will turn green with envy.

The chums at the mosque gave us full control to the outcome of this video.

Basically, this video is a no-frills aerial photography drone as well as internal filming to showcase a place of worship for their website.

Due to overwhelming reviews, we’ve decided that this will be the basic format for most of our videos. It’s simple and shows what needs to be shown. Straight to the point and it highlights what is needed most.

This is what we mean by the other ‘WOW’ factor, whereby viewers will go ‘WOW’ not just for the filming but also the subject matter. It doesn’t even need a voiceover!