National Water Company Saudi Arabia

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Completed in 2014, this project is for the National Water Company (NWC Saudi Arabia)

It took exactly 12 months of meeting the clients in Bahrain and Riyadh Saudi Arabia for an average of 2 meetings per month, and another 3 years to complete and deliver all 12 videos for the Water Conservation Visitor Centre.

One broken Full HD camera, cars stuck in the Sahara (The Arabic word ‘Sahra or Sahara’ means desert), our Director of Photography landed in hospital after we got back from the last filming, talents and location cancelling without warning on the day of filming were just some of the challenges we faced during this project and we would gladly do it again without batting an eyelid.

We were filming in the city, desert, mountains, villages, farms (yes, they do have farms there) and almost everywhere else. One of the locals said that 2x Saudi Arabia is equal to China (the land size). It’s really that huge.

They are excellent drivers too; fast and furious or the F1 drivers pales in comparison. Some says that the boys starts driving from 12 years!

We also found out for a fact that the humidity there is 15 times higher than Singapore and most of the men there looks like Italian Mafia hit men (but they are actually very nice folks). You can get 4 seasons in 1 day! It may be cooling in the morning, hot from noon onwards 35 to 40 degrees and by about 8pm it may drop to 4 degrees.

The food and the culture is simply mind blowing and like they said, nothing beats Arab hospitality. It became our second home during that period, we actually missed Saudi when we got home every time and we missed home when we were there. Happy to say that now these clients have become friends till this day and we WhatsApp one another frequently too.

You don’t get to play Lawrence of Arabia everyday do you?